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Summer is finally over!

A typical summer in the Mawby house doesn’t normally include busyness. It is typically relaxing and definitely a break from what we normally do during the year. This is how our summer started out but in just one week our summer changed drastically.

We put in an offer on a house (totally unexpected), Our oldest son completed his eagle scout (this we were expecting but thought paperwork would take another month or two), and our oldest daughter decided to go through the temple (again unexpected). Now that might not seem like much. But trust me it was completely overwhelming! Especially when you also have out of town family that came to support the two kids.

My whole summer turned into choas!!

We got our dream house. YAY!!!! But after renting for eight years I forgot how much work it was to own your own house: lots of paperwork, cleaning, fixing, painting and then of course… moving!! uuuugh!!

Naturally I started planning immediately for our upcoming Eagle Court of Honor and the preparation began for our temple bound daughter. Despite our planning and preparation all summer, everything landed on the same week. Yikes!!!! That part was good for those that had to travel. It was a week of many emotions mostly happy, joyful, fun emotions. I am so glad to have survived it!



Now we are on to unpacking, starting homeschool again and getting ready for a very big surprise that I will be announcing in just a few weeks.

In anticipation for our announcement we will also be filling our shop with lots of new boards in the upcoming weeks (including scout themed boards that were inspired by a certain eagle scout court of honor;)

I am ready to get back into the swing of things, and to get back to my shop that I just happened to start just before our crazy summer.

Be on the look out for more posts and products….


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