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My sweet (not so little) niece was recently baptized and being as picky as I am, we ran into some trouble trying to find a gift that was related to the event but that wasn’t too “little kiddish”. We also wanted something that wasn’t to baptism specific so she could use it for years to come. (I know, I know we are picky.) So we came to the conclusion that to get what we wanted we needed to come up with something ourselves. And the idea for the LDS subway art board sprouted! We thought the idea to compile simple gospel truths that could sit on a shelf or hang on a wall as a constant reminder of basic gospel principles was a great match to our specific (picky) description of our perfect baptism gift.

lds subway art post -


This LDS Subway Art sign is a wonderful reminder of all the plain and simple truths we are taught through the gospel.


• 12 x 12 inches
• Handpainted letters
•distressed background
• Each board is also sealed on solid pine to last for many years to come

Each sign is made to order so the sign you receive may vary slightly from the sign in the picture. This means that no two signs will look alike! You will receive a one of a kind hand painted sign that is made uniquely for you!

We have many add on options in the shop as well. So if you love the sign but want to tweak the color, the font or a word or two you can!


This is a one of a kind original board designed by 2 Be Treasured.


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