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About 2 Be Treasured

As a young mother I not only wanted my home beautiful but I enjoyed creating the beauty. Having a very small budget led me to self learn many skills from sewing baby doll clothing to building dolly cradles. This led to many late nights of designing and successfully creating lasting treasures that we still enjoy in our home today.

Over the years I’ve shared many a table with friends and family not only creating treasures but creating memories. I love sharing these special moments especially with my children who have all seemed to inherit my same passion for creating beautiful treasures.
As the years have passed and my children have grown, so have their skills. Inspired by the desire to share our skills and handmade treasures with others, we opened our online boutique and in-home workshops creating 2 Be Treasured.

Meet The 2 Be Treasured Team


I am a wife of 20 years and a homeschool mother of six who has a passion for guiding, teaching and inspiring others. I strive to live according to the call of my Heavenly Father who has blessed me with so much. I serve in my church wherever and whenever I can encouraging love and friendships. I love to add beauty to my home with treasures I have made with my own hands. My favorite part of the day is being with my family, doing what I love: creating beautiful memories.


Leanna is a self motivated entrepreneur who has opened two successful businesses while serving our community and surrounding areas as a midwife assistant and childbirth educator.
She is finishing training to become a Certified Doula and one day, her dream, is to be a Certified Practicing Midwife (CPM).
She loves serving in her church callings and especially loves working with the youth.
Leanna specializes in the behind the scenes of making this website work and by making everything look beautiful with her pictures.


Kirsten is an energetic, sassy, resourceful young woman who enjoys keeping her hands busy, doing good.
She serves in her church and community when she can.
She is very athletic and loves running and playing all types of games.
She has a passion for learning new skills and loves to create her own treasures.
Her favorite pass time is hanging out with friends and meeting new people.


Kaydence (or Kaydee as we call her) is a fun loving, creative, bubbly young lady who loves people.
She loves to serve the young mothers, in our church, by helping them with their children.
She enjoys working along side her sisters and I, learning and building new skills.
Her favorite pass time is clogging and dancing. You can always find her dancing and singing around the house. Her dream is to one day be a dancer and teach clogging to others.